Childbearing Year Resources

Childbearing Year Resources
Serving the Quad Cities and surrounding area with m
ore than 20 years
of professional support services for your childbearing year.

The word "doula" originates as an ancient Greek term meaning "a woman who serves". In our modern world the term refers to an expereince professional who provides continuous physical and emotional support to a woman before, during and after birth.

A Doula Will: 
- recognize birth as a journey the mother will remember all of her life
- provide continuous support throughout labor and birth
- provide physical and emotional confort
- assist a mother in preparing for and carrying out her plans for labor, birth and postpartum
- does not take the place of a mothers partner, midwife, or medical staff
- encourage an environment in which human rights, spiritual beliefs, birthing customs and values of the mother, baby, and family are respected at all times
- provide comfort while keeping in mind the best interest of the mother, baby, partner and family
- be completely focused in her role as your emotional and physical support
- offer services without prejudice

About Linda
For more than 20 years I have served my community with:
- pregnancy massage therapy skills
- infant massage instructor skills
- eclectic style childbirth education classes
- birth and postpartum doula support
- volunteering for teen parent organizations
- support for women with traumatic histories
- ICAN of the Quad Cities Chapter Leader
- Quad Cities Perinatal, PPD & Anxiety Support Group, Leader
- resourcing non-profit organizations and businesses supporting women during the childbearing year

My lifes work is to encourage women to recognize how strong they are. My intention is to serve as an advocate and activist for informed options during a woman's childbearing year. I believe there is a great power presiding within every woman. I have found myself in a constant state of amazement for the journey we all take to arrive on this earth.

My Training:
- DONA International
- DONA Birth Doula Teacher Training
- Birthing From Within® Childbirth Ed. Facilitator Training Level 1/2/3
- Bodywork for the Childbearing Year
- Advanced Pre-Perinatal Massage Therapy
- International Infant Massage Association
- Leadership Training Postpartum Support International
- Consistent Continuing Education (1991 - Present)

Birth Doula Service Includes:
- a complimentary interview
- at least 2 prenatal visit
- assistance in gathering information for informed options in childbirth
- on call for you 24/7 during your birthing month
- continuous support for you during labor, birth and immediately postpartum
- a postpartum follow-up
- 1 complimentary infant massage session
- 1 series of private childbirth classes
Contact Linda for charging schedule.

Childbirth Options Consultation
During a session we will discuss your desires for your childbearing year, options for choosing a place to birth, choosing a primary care provider and how to proceed with informed decision making. Just one visit will provide life changing information for your childbearing year. Each session includes a concise folder with evidence based handouts during a 2-3 hour visit. Contact Linda for charging schedule.

Eclectic Style Childbirth Prep Classes
Sessions go above and beyond traditional childbirth classes with creative approach to informed birthing options. Sessions will promote active particpation in birthing and enhance your connection with your body. you will discover courses of resistant patterns, resolve previous birth issues and connect with your innate intuition to birth. Classes include the importance of childbearing rights, physiology of labor and birth, breasting feeding information and the importance of postpartum support. Private sessions available. Contact Linda for charging schedule.

Touch and Labor Session
I will gently guide your partner in the fine art of sensitive touch for labor and birth. This 2 hour private session offers a hands-on approach while the mother-to-be is receiving a relaxing massage from the labor partner. This is very special one-on-one time with Linda facilitating a hands-on-touch approach to sensitive touch for labor. This interaction will change how you and your partner communicate through touch. Contact Linda for charging schedule.

Infant Massage
During this private and family friendly session you will learn how infant massage:
- promotes bonding with your baby
- validates parenting skills
- encourages newborn midline orientation
- enhances infant neurological development
- relieves problematic gasses for a gut
- facilitates relief from infant stress
- establishes childhood societal boundaries

Call for this 2 hour private session with hands on instruction and support before your baby arrives and begin learning about the importance of newborn attatchment through touch. Contact Linda for charging schedule.

Childbearing Year Resources
Linda Crownover-Inch, Owner

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