Please let me know if I can be of assistance in your journey throughout your childbearing year. 

The VBAC Education Project is a free, comprehensive, evidenced-based educational course with modules and handouts. Print out modules or view them online at your own pace. I highly recommend viewing the material as soon as possible during pregnancy. Link here:

Accessing ICAN White Papers is also very helpful. Link here: 

The B.R.A.I.N. handout from ICEA can be copied and used at every health care visit and during labor/birth/postpartum. Link here: 

Leapfrog Group also has information that you may helpful. Link to hospital maternity care comparisons here:

Tips for interviewing a primary birth provider: Link here: 

Evidence Based Birth is wonderful resource with up-to-date handouts that will help you with informed decision making and conversations with your primary birth delivery provider. Link here:

Consumer Reports offers helpful resource articles about maternity care. Link to articles here: 

VBAC Facts with Jen Kamel offers evidence based information. Link here: 

Improving Birth Network is another site filled with information about informed options and informed consent. Link here:


Birth Monoply with Christen Pascucci offers some fabulous pod cast you will find helpful for every step in decision making. Link here: 

ICAN recommends hiring a doula/professional labor support. Links here:

La Leche League International 

La Leche League Quad Cities 

Infant Risk Center 

Medications and Mothers Milk