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The VBAC Education Project is a free, comprehensive, evidenced-based educational course with modules and handouts. Print out modules or view them online at your own pace. I highly recommend viewing the material as soon as possible during pregnancy. Link here:

Accessing ICAN White Papers is also very helpful. Link here: 

The B.R.A.I.N. handout from ICEA can be copied and used at every health care visit and during labor/birth/postpartum. Link here: 

Leapfrog Group also has information that you may helpful. Link to hospital maternity care comparisons here:

Tips for interviewing a primary birth provider: Link here: 

Evidence Based Birth is wonderful resource with up-to-date handouts that will help you with informed decision making and conversations with your primary birth delivery provider. Link here:

Consumer Reports offers helpful resource articles about maternity care. Link to articles here: 

VBAC Facts with Jen Kamel offers evidence based information. Link here: 

Improving Birth Network is another site filled with information about informed options and informed consent. Link here:


Birth Monoply with Christen Pascucci offers some fabulous pod cast you will find helpful for every step in decision making. Link here: 

ICAN recommends hiring a doula/professional labor support. Links here:

Cochrane Collaboration (Research) 

Evidence Based Birth

Mother Friendly Childbirth Initiative 

Postpartum Support International


La Leche League International 

La Leche League Quad Cities 

Infant Risk Center 

Medications and Mothers Milk

Doula Training Organizations

List lasted updated 02/08/19

List compiled by: 

Linda Crownover-Inch




Not all doula workshops, trainings, trainers, or certifying organizations are the same. Prior to choosing a doula training/workshop be sure to investigate which training organization best aligns with your own values. You have the right to request a phone conversation with the trainer prior to signing up for a training/workshop. 

Questions to ask yourself prior to registering for a doula training

· Does the training program align with my values? 

· Do I want online training or in-person training? 

· Do I have time to commit to training?

· Do I have time to commit to clients? 

· Will the cost of training strain my budget? 

· Is brand important to me? 

· Do I want to certify? 

Questions to ask a doula trainer prior to registering for workshop or training

· Which organization or brand represents the training? 

· What is the instructors training background?

· How many days are required for the in-person training?

· How long will have to finish the online training?

· Will the training focus primarily on education?

· Will the training provide business building skills?

· Will there be a reading requirement?

· How many births will be required for certification? 

· Will there be a certification exam?

· What is the time allowance to certify following the training?

· What are the CEU and or recertification requirements? 

· Will the trainer be available as a mentor? 

Disclaimer - Childbearing Year Resources (CYR) and Mothers Matter QC Established 2012 is NOT responsible for how you choose and proceed with a doula training, workshop, and/or organization. You are solely responsible in your own decision making process and outcome. 

The following doula training organizations are listed in alphabetic order. NOT LISTED BY ORDER OF IMPORTANCE.

Best Doula 

Birth Arts International (BAI)  

Birth Boot Camp 

Bastyr University

Birthing From Within

Birthworks International  

Childbirth And Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA)

Childbirth International  

Commonsense Childbirth

Doulas of North America (DONA)  

Full Spectrum Doulas 

Hypnobabies Doula  

Institute of Somatic Therapies  

International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA)

Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education (NITE) 

New Beginnings 


Sacred Doula

Sacred Passage: End of Life Doula Certification

SMC Full Circle Doula

Still Birthday Doula Certification   


Fetal Positioning 

Spinning Babies

The Miles Circuit 

Optimal Fetal Positioning For Better Birth 

Webster Technique: Definition, Application, and Implications

Jeanne Om, D.C, & Joel Alcantara, D.C. 

Mama Natural - Is Your baby in this "Ideal" Fetal Position? (Images)

Written by Genevieve Howland